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Austin Bulldog Supporters

The Austin Bulldog has no hidden agendas, no invisible men or women behind the curtain to influence what we do or do not investigate. To that end, the names of all contributors are gratefully acknowledged and permanently recognized on this website.

While contributors may request anonymity, we much prefer to list our donors by name so that there can be no question of the source of funds that make our work possible, or how our coverage may have been influenced.

We wish to thank the following foundations and individuals for their generous contributions to support investigative reporting in Austin:


2014: On May 1, 2014, The Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund awarded a new $50,000 challenge grant to help The Austin Bulldog carry on and expand its mission of holding the powers that be accountable and producing due-dilegence reporting on the candidates for mayor and city council in this historic election year. That means your tax-deductible contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Please help meet this critical fundraising goal by contributing what you can to help us get the full benefit of this new matching grant. We were not successful in achieving that goal.

Jamie Anderson $500
Leo Anderson $25
Anonymous $2,500
Mary M. Arnold $50
Roger Baker $500
Issam Bakir $350
David Bauman $20
Jon Beall $10 a month sustaining ($60 in 2014)
James Bilodeau $50
John Blinn $250
Bill Bunch $200
Joe Celko $25 and $5 a month sustainer ($40 in 2014)
Judith Clack $25
Mary Coppinger $10
Jennifer Crews $25
Jim Duncan $1,000
Susan Egan $100
George & Carol Flynn $50
William S. Gordon $40
Ann Graham $50
Allison Gregory $250
Bob & Kay Gregory $250
Linda Guerrero $75
Ellie H. Hanlon $25
Lorna Harrison $5 a month sustainer ($60 in 2014)
Chris Hearne $100
Mark Henry $350
Joseph Hootman $25
Clifton C. Houck $50
Douglas Kadison $500
David King $10 a month sustaining ($40 total in 2014)
Karen Kocher $10 a month sustaining ($60 total in 2014)
Richard Lavine $100
Mark E. Lett $100
Connie McMillan $100
Lynn Marshall $50
Elizabeth McGiffert $50
Mark McKim $10
Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund $17,000
Beverly Moore $25
David Orshalick $50
Lalena Parkhurst $5 a month sustainer ($55 total in 2014)
Frank Rodriguez $100
Therese Ruffing $30
Robin Schneider $50
William Shaw $100
Stephen Speir $105
Dave Sullivan $50
Lewis Webb $25
Sarah Wimer $25
Martin Zamzow $100
Final total income 2014: $25,755

2013: On March 1, 2013, the Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund awarded a new $25,000 challenge grant. These contributors helped us get matching funds:

Tom Arbuckle $100
Steve Bickerstaff $200
Andrew Clements $100
Lee Cooke $1,000
Janet Elliott $35
DeLayne Hudspeth $100
Laine K. Jastram $250
Chris Lehman $100
Jack McNamara $50
Jason Meeker $101
Art Olbert $100
Therese Ruffing $30
William Shaw $50

TOTAL $2,216

2012: On September 24, 2012, The Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund announced a $20,000 challenge grant to sustain The Austin Bulldog’s important work. These great folks helped by making generous donations:

Perry Lorenz $2,500
Roger Baker $1,000
Jamie Anderson $500
James Duncan $500
Brian Rodgers $500
Hill Abell $250
Connie McMillan $200
Linda Guerrero $100
Forrest Novy $100
John Nyfeler $100
Lauren Ross $100
Jim Walker $100

Lynn Marshall $50
George Phenix $50
Judith Clack $25
Therese Ruffing $25

Total $6,100

2011: The Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund awarded a $25,000 challenge grant, a commitment to match up to $25,000 in contributions that community supporters made to sustain The Austin Bulldog's investigative reporting. Nearly 200 individuals contributed, in amounts large and small, to match this grant (see list of Community Supporters, below).

The Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund provided $5,000 for an open records lawsuit, 
The Austin Bulldog v. City of Austin, which forced the City of Austin to release public records that were being withheld without authority.

2009: The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation made a New Voices startup grant of $25,000 that paid out in three increments: $17,000 in May 2010 and $7,000 in December 2010. The last $8,000 of the New Voices  grant had to be matched by June 1, 2010. We raised the matching amount only because of the generous support of local contributors. Thank you!

Listed alphabetically within categories

$1,000 or more

Roger Baker
Lowell Feldman
Bob & Kay Gregory
Perry Lorenz
Brian Rodgers

$500 to $999
Daniel Dozier
Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk
Connie McMillan
Mike Hirsch & Carol Moczygemba
Shane O’Leary
Alfred Stanley & Kathleen Guido
Douglas Kadison
Billye & Ross Schulle
Ira Yates

$100 to $499
Hill Abell
Bill Aleshire
Jon Beall
Steve Bercu
Martin & Katherine Bevins
Bill Bunch
Kent Butler
David Butts
Cash at fundraiser 1
Cash at fundraiser 2
Diane Chimenti
Andrew Clements
W.H. “Bill” Connor
Michael Conroy & Lucille Atkin
Robin Cravey Law Office
Jennifer Crews
Ann Denkler
Dinosaur Outdoor Billboards
Pliny Fisk & Gail Vittori
Paul Frazee
Gray Panthers of Austin
Allison Gregory & Steven Dietz
Lorna Tarcz Harrison
Chris Hearne
Daniel Heinzen
Michele & Jack Hebert
Laine K. Jastram
D’Ann Johnson
Chris Lehman
Phyllis Light
Adam Loewy
Bill Martin
John & Thelma McLemore
Mark Mitchell
Marjorie Rae Nadler-Olenick
Bonnie Neel
James Nelson
Forrest Novy
Arthur & Diane Olbert
David Oshalick
George Phenix
Leslie Pool
David Ray
Ray Reece
Vicki & Dave Reed
Karen Renick
Lauren Ross
Save Our Springs Alliance
Niyanta & Bill Spelman
Tom Spencer
Peter Steinhardt
Lee Walker & Jennifer Vickers
Richard Viktorin
Nanci Wilson
Chris Wittmayer
Ronald Yeck
Mark Yznaga & Ann Kitchen

Less than $100
Sharron & Leslie Aisenman
Karen Ascot
Amalgamated Transit Union:
AFL-CIO Local 1091
A.G. Bergh
Sarah Bird
Emily Deering Blazer
Bret Branon
Cash at fundraiser 3
Kathy Casey
Allissa Chambers
Scooter Cheatham
Margot Clarke
Sharon & Tom Cloninger
George Cofer
Mary Coppinger
Linda Curtis
Ellen Davis
Ian Dille
John Dorgan
Bruce Elfant
Lisa Estus & Van Davis
Mark Fishman
Lucy Galbraith
William Gordon
Ann Graham
Alan Greenberg
David Guarino
Steve Hall
Brian Harmon
Lisa Harris
Larry & Patricia Hilliard
W.F. “Kirk” Holland
Jeff Jack
Charlie Jackson
Keren Johnson
Dick Kallerman
Mary Lehmann
Mike Levy
Lynn Marshall
Jean Mather
Joyce McCart
Sarah McCleary
Jim McCulloch
Gloria Morales
Karalei Nunn
Lalena Parkhurst
Helen Rockenbaugh
Simonetta Andrea Rodriguez
John Russell
Janet Sharkis
Ruth Roberts & Don Snell
Stewart Snider
Virginia Rogers
Randi Shade
Beverly & Howard Eric Shaw
Brigid Shea
William “Bill” Simmons
Stephen Speir
Jean & Alex Tarcz
James Wardlaw
Abbe Wenger
Doug Young

Sustaining Supporters
(monthly contributors)
Jon Beall

Jennifer Crews
Mark Mitchell
Lalena Parkhurst
Brian Rodgers
Jean & Alex Tarcz

Ronald Yeck






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The community needs to have skilled watchdog journalists on duty to sniff out wrongdoing and expose it in the public interest. The community needs journalists who will hold public officials accountable and speak truth to power. That’s the mission of The Austin Bulldog. We are funded entirely by readers like you and foundations that choose to invest in high-quality journalism that serves the public interest. That allows us to provide the strongest possible independent reporting. But we need your help to sustain The Austin Bulldog’s work. Your contributions, large or small, make all the difference.

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The Austin Bulldog launched on April 1, 2010, as an experiment to see if a small nonprofit 501(c)(3) for investigative journalism in the public interest could make a difference.

We now have two and a half years of hard-edged aggressive reporting behind us and the verdict is in: The Austin Bulldog has consistently produced high-impact accountability journalism—and did so with a minimum of resources. We break the stories that have an impact, and other media can only follow. For example:

• Our investigative report about the Austin City Council's possible violation of the Open Meetings Act, published January 25, 2011, led to immediate action to cease illegal meetings. That report and a citizen’s criminal complaint also prompted a 21-month investigation by the Travis County Attorney. That investigation resulted in the mayor and five council members signing deferred prosecution agreements that waived the statute of limitations on evidence the county attorney collected. The agreements also required the City of Austin to institute major reforms to comply with open government laws. (See story published October 24, 2012.)

• Our open records requests exposed embarrassing and possibly illegal e-mail exchanges engaged in by some Austin City Council members.

• Our reporting and lawsuits filed against the City of Austin over its violations of the Texas Public Information Act forced the Austin City Council to reform its own procedures for electronic communications, to order the city manager to do the same for the city’s 12,000 employees, and to order the city clerk to do the same for the approximately 375 members of the city’s 55 boards and commissions. Legal experts say these reforms can serve as a template for governmental bodies throughout Texas.

• These groundbreaking stories have been followed by mainstream media including the Austin American-Statesman, television stations, and public radio, underlining The Austin Bulldog’s importance as a vital public service.

Every time we publish an investigative report we get a flurry of tips for investigations that our readers would like us to pursue. We eagerly read those requests and promptly respond to each and every one.

But our resources are extremely limited. How limited? Check out our statement of annual expenses for calendar year 2010 here. For calendar year 2011, click here.

We need community support to sustain this important work.

Nobody else is going to do the investigative reporting we are doing. If you want to see this vital work continue, now is the time to add your name to the growing list of community supporters.

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The Austin Bulldog is an initiative of the Austin Investigative Reporting Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This means your contributions will be tax-deductible. Our sole purpose is to publish investigative reporting in the public interest.